Key features

The LBT range is available in 13 models with storage capacities ranging from 300 to 10,000 litres. It has multiple connections enabling it to capture energy from multiple heat sources.
Each product is supplied with pre-fitted insulation with a thickness of up to 100mm – exceeding Building Regulation requirements

  • Capacities ranging from 300 to 10,000 litres
  • Mild steel construction
  • Ideal component for Heat pump / hybrid heating systems
  • Provides thermal store for both heating and cooling systems
  • Low standing losses

Brief product specifications

Storage Capacity300 litres
Height1680 mm
Width610 mm
Weight-full355 kg
Weight - Empty55 Kg
Storage Capacity500 litres
Height1715 mm
Width710 mm
Weight-full577 kg
Weight - Empty77 Kg
Storage Capacity800 litres
Height1740 mm
Width990 mm
Weight-full909 kg
Weight - Empty109 Kg
Storage Capacity1000 litres
Height2100 mm
Width990 mm
Weight-full1125 kg
Weight - Empty125 Kg
Storage Capacity1500 litres
Height2140 mm
Width1240 mm
Weight-full1694 kg
Weight - Empty194 Kg
Storage Capacity2000 litres
Height2470 mm
Width1340 mm
Weight-full2263 kg
Weight - Empty263 Kg
Storage Capacity2500 litres
Height2220 mm
Width1450 mm
Weight-full2796 kg
Weight - Empty296 Kg
Storage Capacity3000 litres
Height2720 mm
Width1450 mm
Weight-full3346 kg
Weight - Empty346 Kg
Storage Capacity4000 litres
Height2810 mm
Width1600 mm
Weight-full4492 kg
Weight - Empty492 Kg
Storage Capacity5000 litres
Height2870 mm
Width1800 mm
Weight-full5582 kg
Weight - Empty582 Kg
Storage Capacity6000 litres
Height2790 mm
Width2000 mm
Weight-full6684 kg
Weight - Empty684 Kg
Storage Capacity8000 litres
Height3490 mm
Width2000 mm
Weight-full8823 kg
Weight - Empty823 Kg
Storage Capacity10000 litres
Height4240 mm
Width2000 mm
Weight-full10973 kg
Weight - Empty973 Kg