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Key features

  • 10 year heat exchanger warranty
  • 8 models, suitable for either Natural Gas or LPG
  • Advanced Control Systems – SMART SYSTEM™ Control
  • Cascade control for up to 8 Boilers
  • Fully modulating pre-mix burner
  • Outputs ranging from 41.2 to 228.4kW, based upon 50°C/30°C system design
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Weather compensation


  • Matched primary circulation pump
  • Low-velocity headers
  • Hydraulic plate separators
  • Condensate neutralisation kit
  • Pressurisation units
  • External temperature sensor for weather compensation control
  • Range of flue options


  • Indirect Water Heaters / Calorifiers
  • Packaged plate heat exchangers
  • Direct gas-fired water heaters

Brief product specifications

Efficiency (Part L2 Gross CV)96.4 %
Nominal Input - Gross44.0 kW
Nominal Output at 50/3041.2 ºC
Nominal Output at 80/6038.1 ºC
Height845 mm
Width394 mm
Depth457 mm
Weight - Empty75 Kg
Efficiency (Part L2 Gross CV)95.6 %
Nominal Input - Gross61.5 kW
Nominal Output at 50/3058.7 ºC
Nominal Output at 80/6051.1 ºC
Height845 mm
Width394 mm
Depth565 mm
Weight - Empty79 Kg
Efficiency (Part L2 Gross CV)96.0 %
Nominal Input - Gross83.5 kW
Nominal Output at 50/3071.0 ºC
Nominal Output at 80/6071.0 ºC
Height1080 mm
Width394 mm
Depth502 mm
Weight - Empty102 Kg
Efficiency (Part L2 Gross CV)95.6 %
Nominal Input - Gross116.9 kW
Nominal Output at 50/30110.6 ºC
Nominal Output at 80/60101.1 ºC
Height1080 mm
Width394 mm
Depth686 mm
Weight - Empty129 Kg
Efficiency (Part L2 Gross CV)96.7 %
Nominal Input - Gross146.5 kW
Nominal Output at 50/30141.1 ºC
Nominal Output at 80/60130.6 ºC
Height1080 mm
Width394 mm
Depth794 mm
Weight - Empty138 Kg
Efficiency (Part L2 Gross CV)93.7 %
Nominal Output at 50/30168.9 ºC
Nominal Output at 80/60151.9 ºC
Height1080 mm
Width394 mm
Depth921 mm
Weight - Empty154 Kg
Efficiency (Part L2 Gross CV)95.1 %
Nominal Input - Gross205.2 kW
Nominal Output at 50/30197.8 ºC
Nominal Output at 80/60176.3 ºC
Height1080 mm
Width394 mm
Depth1022 mm
Weight - Empty168 Kg
Efficiency (Part L2 Gross CV)95.3 %
Nominal Input - Gross234.5 kW
Nominal Output at 50/30228.4 ºC
Nominal Output at 80/60199.0 ºC
Height1080 mm
Width394 mm
Depth1149 mm
Weight - Empty184 Kg

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