Key features

  • 4 models suitable for Natural Gas or LPG
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Storage capacities from 110 to 365 litres
  • Hot water recovery rates from 140 to 290 litres/hour at 50°C temperature rise


  • Unvented system kits
  • De-stratification pump sets

As of 15/6/22 this product can no longer be installed in England.

As of 1/2/23 this product can no longer be installed in Wales.

Brief product specifications

Nominal Input - Gross9.3 kW
Height1635 mm
Diameter405 mm
Weight - Empty47 Kg
Nominal Input - Gross10.1 kW
Height1380 mm
Diameter560 mm
Weight - Empty52 Kg
Nominal Input - Gross25.1 kW
Height1595 mm
Diameter645 mm
Weight - Empty144 Kg
Nominal Input - Gross21 kW
Height1780 mm
Diameter705 mm
Weight - Empty162 Kg