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Key features

  • 10 models with capacities from 300 to 2850 litres
  • 7 or 10 bar working pressure
  • Clean-out opening for maintenance and inspection
  • Facility to install immersion element(s)
  • UK Water Supply Compliant – WRAS recertification application pending

This product range is particularly suitable for use with Lochinvar low-water content direct gas-fired Water Heaters such as our EcoKnight range. LSTR Storage vessels can also be used with our LOK Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers where storage may be required to meet peak hot water demand.


  • Destratification pump set
  • Immersion elements
  • Thermometer kits

Brief product specifications

Storage Capacity312 litres
Height1375 mm
Diameter740 mm
Weight - Empty82 Kg
Storage Capacity405 litres
Height1710 mm
Diameter740 mm
Weight - Empty99 Kg
Storage Capacity499 litres
Height2045 mm
Diameter760 mm
Weight - Empty131 Kg
Storage Capacity678 litres
Height1840 mm
Diameter910 mm
Weight - Empty179 Kg
Storage Capacity763 litres
Height2035 mm
Diameter930 mm
Weight - Empty201 Kg
Storage Capacity685 litres
Height1955 mm
Diameter863 mm
Weight - Empty295 Kg
Storage Capacity1055 litres
Height2005 mm
Diameter1080 mm
Weight - Empty325 Kg
Storage Capacity1550 litres
Height1985 mm
Diameter1300 mm
Weight - Empty325 Kg
Storage Capacity1880 litres
Height2175 mm
Diameter1300 mm
Weight - Empty350 Kg
Storage Capacity2500 litres
Height2045 mm
Diameter1600 mm
Weight - Empty485 Kg
Storage Capacity2820 litres
Height2070 mm
Diameter1600 mm
Weight - Empty520 Kg