As a leading supplier of high efficiency gas-fired water heaters, boilers and integrated renewable solutions, Lochinvar Ltd is committed through its business processes, to respect the environment, ensure responsible use of natural resources and minimize its negative impact of the local and global environment. Our company environmental policy reads as follows:

Environmental consideration is a key feature in the development of our products:

  1. Comply with the letter and spirit of all environmental legislation.
  2. Integrate environmental aims into the business planning process.
  3. Engage and encourage good environmental practice via all employees to identify, suggest and carry out environmental improvements.
  4. Implement the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
    • Use where practical recycled products or products from sustainable sources
    • Proactively encourage in house recycling both of waste and the reuse of items
    • Minimise our consumption of resources and raw materials
  5. Incorporate environmental systems within the business to reduce waste, lower costs and increase efficiency.
  6. Endeavour to purchase from suppliers who adhere to environmental friendly processes and practices.If possible or appropriate, our suppliers should be accredited to the environmental management standard ISO4001.
  7. Continually assess Lochinvar’s Carbon Footprint and endeavour to avoid, reduce or control our environmental effects.
  8. Regularly monitor and review environmental issues.
  • Our high efficiency products conserve fuel which also reduces the carbon footprint.
  • The use of condensing technology has seen increases in product efficiencies.
  • Ultra low NOx emissions meet and surpass the requirements of European standard class 5 pre-mix combustion.