Condensing vs non-condensing technology
A gas-fired water heater creates 2 types of heat, i.e. sensible heat and latent heat. Sensible heat refers to the heat transferred through the water heat exchanger to system water. Whereas latent heat refers to the water vapour discharged through the flue outlet. Conventional water heaters do not make use of this latent heat and as such, a lot of energy gets lost. Conventional non-condensing water heaters achieve efficiencies up to 85 %. However, condensing water heaters capture latent heat so flue losses are smaller and efficiencies higher, even up to 98 %.

We have a wide range of water heaters which employ condensing technology; these models can provide savings on energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our range includes storage and circulating types, with floor-standing and wall-hung options.

Savings on fuel consumption
Direct gas-fired water heaters have been installed in many commercial and industrial applications, for more than 40 years. These products have become well established as providing a more reliable and efficient hot water solution, when compared to traditional indirect methods of generating hot water. As the use of condensing technology in gas-fired water heaters has evolved over recent years, water heater efficiencies are now even higher. On new build or major refurbishment projects where direct gas-fired water heaters are chosen to provide hot water services, condensing versions are the product of choice in almost every instance.

Benefits of a condensing water heater vs a conventional water heater:

• Higher efficiencies and as such lower running costs (condensing models are up to 20% more efficient)
• Potentially short payback period
• Reduced NOx emissions – more friendly to the environment
• ‘Future-proof’ – all our water heaters comply with ErP regulations

Dependant on the installation cost and hot water usage, it is possible for the initial investment to be recovered in fuel cost savings within less than 2 years. Certainly the more hot water a building uses, the higher potential there is for significant savings.

Our Area Sales Managers will be happy to discuss any potential applications, and assist you in offering the best ‘replacement’ solution for your customer.