Cottesloe School installs Herald boilers

Key Equipment Supplied

  • 5 x Herald floor-standing condensing boiler – HCB 206CE
  • 2 x EcoCharger water heaters – ECH52 – 370GCE

Project details

  • Cottesloe School’s number of pupils increased by a large number. They are trying to keep up with the demand for its highly rated services.
  • Business manager is determined to improve the school on its Energy Performance Certificate with Lochinvar’s Herald boilers and EcoCharger water heaters.

Originally designed as a secondary modern school for 300 pupils in the 1950’s, the school has gone through a number of expansions and upgrades in recent years to try and keep up with the demand for its highly rated services. It is heavily oversubscribed so the management team are currently considering plans for another new building to increase capacity.

As a result, five new Herald – floor standing condensing boilers, were installed last year. Comfort conditions needed to be improved for students and staff, as well as helping to manage energy usage. The school’s business manager says it is a long-term operating efficiency and it is

School buildings need to be welcoming places. Places that are not too hot, but also not too cold. Finding the right balance is very important. The Herald boilers became an integral part of the school. Next to the right temperature, the boilers and warm water heaters could also provide the school with something extra. They could also form a part of the education process. The importance of sustainability can be shown to encourage more young people to take up engineering professions.

The Herald boilers are available in eight models and those are all supported by a 10-year warranty. All the models feature a 316L steel heat exhanger. It greatly improves the resistance to corrosion.


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