What does ‘ready for 20% hydrogen blending’ mean?

There’s a drive across several industries to decarbonise and hydrogen could be an option for different applications. Various companies are testing boilers that run on 100% hydrogen. These tests show that it is possible, but none of these products are currently being sold as the infrastructure to support hydrogen is not currently available in the UK. Some appliance manufacturers report that appliances which can be converted from natural gas to 100% hydrogen gas are ‘hydrogen ready’, so it’s understandable why there’s confusion around what the term, hydrogen-ready means.

In our industry, all boilers and heaters are tested on the type of gas they will be used with. In the United Kingdom, this is G20. To get a boiler approved, they are also tested on threshold gases. One of these threshold gases is a blend of 23% hydrogen and methane. Some manufacturers label their products as ‘ready for 20% hydrogen blending’ based on these tests, which doesn’t guarantee complete and long-term compatibility. The testing of threshold gases are largely to ensure the safety of the device.

Who are Kiwa?

Kiwa are a leading testing organisation who support businesses worldwide with independent testing, inspection and certification. As an independent organisation they help create trust in the industry amongst manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Our devices have been extensively tested by Kiwa and we’re pleased to report that they are independently certified as 20% Hydrogen Ready! Kiwa, is accredited for testing in accordance with EN15502, and has capability to conduct the tests described in the Test Requirements for natural gas appliances burning up to 20% Hydrogen admixture, using EN15502 as the reference standard at their laboratories.

The term “hydrogen ready” has several definitions, which may lead to confusion. Efforts are being made across the industry through regulators to ensure there’s clarity within the standards.

Our hydrogen-ready products

We’re pleased to report that the kiwa tests show that our EcoCharger, EcoCharger Hybrid and EcoSword products are all suitable for prolonged operation based on a 20% hydrogen blending.

Lochinvar Hydrogen Ready Products

For more information about our range of products and their hydrogen compatibility, speak to your Area Sales Manager or get in touch with us.