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Key features

  • 24 Models with heating capacities of up to 463kW heating and 413kW cooling
  • Suitable for low temperature hot water and domestic hot water applications
  • A coefficient of performance (COP) above 3.9 across the range in heating model
  • An Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) above 2.6 across the range in cooling mode (All at standard rating conditions)
  • Can operate as low as -20˚C in heating mode and +35˚C in cooling mode
  • Maximum output in heating mode of 60˚C at +5C outside air temperature
  • Low noise levels
  • Scroll compressors

Advanced integrated controls including:

  • BMS on/off
  • BMS Fault
  • Modbus connection
  • Domestic hot water priority
  • Anti-legionella programme
  • Auto switching of external pumps and back-up heat sources in bivalent systems


  • Integral circulating pump-factory fitted
  • Electronic soft start-factory fitted reduces start up current by up to 40%
  • Remote control panel- supplied loose for on site installation, duplicates the heat pump control interface in a more convenient location such as the plant room
  • Anti-vibration dampers-supplied loose for on site fitting, reduces vibration transmitted to the building
  • Thermal stores- used to overcome the peak load of the system and reduces the number of compressor starts for longer life
  • Domestic hot water plates and buffer vessels-specifically designed to work with the Amicus units featuring a very low delta t.
  • Backup immersion heaters to ensure L8 compliance for domestic hot water systems.