Key features

• Ultra low GWP heat pump utilising R290 refrigerant
• High operating temperatures, up to 70°C
• Fully cascadable with outputs from 88 to 880kW
• Suitable for heating/cooling and domestic hot water production
• COP up to 5.5
• SCOP up to 3.95
• Able to operate in heating mode down to -20°C external
air temperatures
• BMS fault and remote on/off signal
• Cascade control as standard


• Refrigerant leak detection
• Primary pump
• Double safety valves
• Pressure gauges
• Antifreeze kit
• RS485 BMS serial interface card
• Anti-vibration dampers
• Pipework header kit
• Crane lifting hooks
• Fork truck Brackets
• Cascade control
(from models LAHP-130HTR290 and above)


• Coastal protection
• Cascade control with remote connect
• Remote display
• Extra soundproofing on compressors
• Thermal stores
• Matched domestic hot water plates
• Domestic hot water storage vessels