Project: Lochinvar Helps Library Meet Low Carbon Goals

Key Equipment Supplied

1x Amicus LAHP1402-LT external air to water heat pump

1x LAHP902WW internal boost heat pump

Complete plant provided, including buffers and pumps

100% project funding secured through the Salix Finance Scheme

Project Details

The aim of this project was to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions whilst delivering the heating requirements of Warminster Library.


Lochinvar has played an important part in helping a busy community library reduce its carbon footprint.

Working with main contractor Kier and its local authority client, Lochinvar developed a system based around two heat pumps to meet the heating requirements of Warminster Library in Wiltshire whilst minimising energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The building refurbishment did not include replacing the heat emitters so to maintain the correct flow temperatures within the building Lochinvar supplied a two-stage heat pump system consisting of an external air to water heat pump and internal Boost heat pump providing 147kW at 78°C flow at design conditions. The refurbishment of the library also included the installation of solar PV as part of the local authority’s strategy for meeting net zero targets in line with government policy.

The project was fully funded through the government’s Salix Finance scheme that underpins the Public Sector Decarbonisation strategy with around £1bn of public money – much of which was used to accelerate the uptake of heat pump technology.

Lochinvar helped the client with the application process for the funding and provided the information needed to demonstrate how the specified system would meet carbon reduction targets of the scheme.

Lochinvar Commercial Heat Pump 2

One Amicus LAHP1402-LT external air to water heat pump and one LAHP902WW internal boost heat pump was specified, and Lochinvar also provided detailed design support and technical back-up from initial design through installation, commissioning and handover.

Refurbished Warminster Library was founded in 1960 by the Federated Women’s Club of Warminster and moved into its current 15,488 sq. ft. facility in 1977. The newly refurbished building is open six days a week and is used by around 130,000 people every year. It is home to 65,000 printed publications and over 150,000 electronic items.

There are 24 models available in the Lochinvar Amicus Low temperature air to water heat pump range with outputs from 22kW to 464kW. The Amicus Boost range consists of 8 models with outputs ranging from 38kW to 496kW.

The two stage boost systems are capable of producing flow temperatures up to 78degC for heating and hot water applications and can operate in outside temperatures as low as -20degC.

Lochinvar Commercial Heat Pump 1

Amicus heat pumps can be used as stand-alone replacements for conventional heating products or as part of an integrated system providing pre-heated feed water to gas-fired condensing boilers, water heaters and buffer vessels in buildings with large heating or hot water demands.

There are two air to water heat pump ranges, high temperature capable of flow temperatures up to 63C for heating and hot water applications and low temperature capable of temperatures up to 55C for heating applications. The Boost units are capable of temperatures up to 78C for heating and hot water applications and can be used within a two-stage design using any low temperature heat source.


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