Indirect hot water solutions

Lochinvar has a well established reputation as a manufacturer of direct gas-fired water heaters, having supplied these type of products in the UK since 1976.

We are perhaps less well-known for supplying indirect water heating solutions; but we have a number of options available, all of which are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Our packaged plate heat exchangers are designed for the instantaneous production of domestic hot water, and are capable of producing hot water outputs from 872 to 9,544 litres per hour. They can provide a practical, compact solution for many water heating applications and in cases of peak demand we can also provide storage vessels.

Squire indirect water heaters, or ‘calorifiers’ are available for a range of commercial and industrial applications. In total are 16 models available in the Squire range; with storage capacities ranging from 300 to 2850 litres. Constructed from enameled steel Squire models can work up to 10 bar working pressure and we have single coil and twin coil models available.

We can also provide Squire Stainless models, available in either 300 or 450 litre capacity and with single or twin coils. Also able to work at up to 10 bar working pressure, Squire Stainless models have high capacity stainless steel coils.

Both Squire and Squire Stainless ranges can also be used as pre-heat vessels when installed as part of a renewable system.