Boiler control from anywhere with Con-X-us

Con-X-us is an app-based control currently available as an ancillary option with Herald gas-fired condensing boilers enabling users to link any smart device with Herald boiler controls and allows you to monitor and change parameters from anywhere around the world.

Remote Assistance

Temporary access can be granted to others, including your maintenance/facilities management contractor or even Lochinvar aftersales support in order to identify and resolve issues as efficiently as possible.

Colour-coded status alerts

Home screen alerts show when the system needs attention, describe the problem and provide solutions. When a failure occurs you can respond quickly saving time and money.

Multi-party service notifications

Levels of access can be assigned for up to three additional service personnel who receive alerts via e-mail or text message if there is a problem with the system.


Con-X-us Remote Control is currently available for the Herald boiler. There are no ongoing App costs and the app can be downloaded on Iphone and Android devices.

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