Want to know how Con-X-us operates? Watch this short video.



Full-function interactive display

Con-X-us™ can be controlled via touch screen technology  or by typing in field-specific information and allows users to remotely adjust setpoints, outdoor reset curves, pump controls and more.

Con-X-us remote assistance

A key feature of the Con-X-us™ is its ability to allow temporary access to others, including your maintenance/facilities management contractor or even Lochinvar Ltd aftersales support. All of this is designed to allow issues to be identified and resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Colour-coded status alerts

Home screen alerts show when the system needs attention, describes the problem and provides
solutions. When a failure occurs you can respond quickly, saving time and money.

Multi-party service notifications

The owner/site manager can assign levels of access for up to three additional service personnel to receive alerts via e-mail or text message if there’s a problem with the system.

Have you already installed a Herald boiler or an EcoShield water heater?

We can retrofit the Con-X-us module on site. The corresponding app is free and you can download it anytime.

Are you planning to install a Herald boiler or an EcoShield water heater?

The Con-X-us module will be fitted to your boiler before dispatch. When you download the app, you’ll be able to link it to the Herald boiler or EcoShield water heater.

If you buy a Herald boiler before 30 June 2019, you’ll get a Con-X-us ancillary free of charge. Contact us direct via e-mail or you can call us at: 01295 269981  

Download Con-X-us product literature here and the instruction manual here