What does the new ErP mean for hot water systems

The EU’s Ecodesign policy aims to make products more energy efficient and less environmentally harmful. The final phase of the ErP (Energy Related Product) directive will come into force on 26 September 2018 and all new gas-fired appliances must meet the maximum NOx emission of 56 mg/kWh level from this date.

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A preference for condensing-only systems

We care for our environment so have been investing in condensing technologies for over 20 years. Our condensing water heaters deliver the highest efficiencies and, with their low NOx emissions, already meet the requirements of the new ErP regulations. In fact, some of our condensing products achieve emissions levels 50% below the new maximum putting us well ahead of the new directive.

Atmospheric products

Unfortunately, it is not always practical or cost-effective to convert to condensing because significant changes to the system might be needed like the installation of a new flue arrangement. Also, if the new hot water system needs to be up and running quickly, it may be simpler to replace an atmospheric product with a like-for-like alternative. Therefore, we have developed atmospheric products that feature a new burner system where the combustion takes place mainly with a primary air supply. This results in cleaner combustion and lower NOx emissions in line with the new directive.

Available from stock

Currently, all our atmospheric products remain available from stock. Information about our new low NOx models will be posted on our website from 1 September and they can be ordered from 26 September.

We are committed to protecting our environment and have an appropriate solution for all applications, including refurbishment projects where a like-for-like replacement is the best solution.

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