Understanding Scotland Building Regulations Section 6 2024

Changes to legislation in Scotland affect the provision of direct emission heating systems’ in new build properties. In this article, we’ll highlight the key points you should be aware of and any potential impact this may have on your day-to-day operations.


What is a Direct Emission Heating System?

A direct emission heating system is one which heats or cools a building using thermal energy and produces greenhouse gas emissions at the point of use. Examples include traditional gas-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers which both rely on the combustion of fuel to generate heat.


What’s Changing?

  • No direct emission heating systems may be installed in new build properties from 1 April.
  • Only applies to Scotland.
  • New legislation builds on interim changes from 2023.
  • Any project which already has a building permit can continue using the old legislation.


Who is Affected by this Change?

This recent change in legislation primarily affects developers who have new build sites planned in Scotland. Developers will need to consider alternative boiler and water heater systems which comply with legislation. Systems which will comply include heat pumps, direct electric and district heating systems which comply with the Heat Networks Scotland Act 2021. Other types of systems that would comply include solar thermal systems. The use of 100% hydrogen is the only current example of a fuel which, when combusted to produce heat, results in negligible levels of greenhouse gas emissions, this is not yet a readily available technology.


Lochinvar Systems Compliant with New Regulations

Lochinvar have developed high efficiency boiler and water heater solutions for decades. The team are proud to offer a number of air source heat pump (ASHP) and water source heat pump systems (WSHT) as a potential option, our product range also includes solar powered systems which can be combined with heat pumps for maximum sustainability. We also have a range of Electric water heaters.

Lochinvar Heat Pump Systems

Our heat pump systems are available across a range of formats encompassing both air source and water source technology. Our ASHP systems include the popular Amicus Aquastore and the Amicus HT Heat Pump. Our expert team can help you decide which system choice is most suitable for your needs.

Lochinvar Solar Powered Systems

We’re proud to offer a range of solar powered thermal collectors and water storage solutions to support renewable approaches to water heating.

Talk to our expert team today for more information or get in touch with your Area Sales Manager about a project you’re working on.