Squire rises to meet demand

Boiler and Water heater company Lochinvar has launched a new range of high performance indirect storage vessels, specifically designed for commercial and industrial application.

Made from high grade stainless steel, Squire indirect storage vessels are available in two storage capacities: 300 and 450 litres. They are offered with either single or twin coils also made from high quality stainless steel for longevity and high performance.

The Squire has been designed to satisfy increasing end user demands for projects where renewable technologies such as Solar are used. Single coil models are used to store hot water from the Solar array and this pre-heated feed water is used to supply a direct gas-fired water heater. The twin coil SDT model is ideal for use in solar thermal systems, where plant room space is restricted. The lower coil manages the hot water from the solar collectors while the upper coil will work with a traditional boiler.

Both single and twin coil models can be used as traditional indirect cylinders to supply hot water and on twin coil models both coils can also used with a boiler to increase hot water recovery rates.

The vessels are specifically designed for use with Commercial/Industrial applications and include 1½” Hot and Cold Water connections.  This allows for greater draw off rates which is of particular benefit for applications such as leisure centres, hotels and hospitals where peak hot water demand can occur over short periods. They are designed to work in systems with working pressures up to 10bar and offer hot water recovery rates from 545 to 1,290 litres per hour, based upon a temperature rise of 50 degC.

The Squire vessels are finished in a grey steel outer casing, with black base and lid, are held in stock at the companies’ Banbury facility and can be delivered to most area’s of the UK within 2 working days.

Lochinvar also offers Indirect Stainless steel cylinders with capacities ranging from 575 to 3,000 litres for higher demand applications. These products are made to order and have a lead-in time of approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

“As glazing and insulation standards have improved, so reducing the need for space heating, hot water has become responsible for a greater proportion of building energy use,” said Lochinvar managing director David Pepper. “However, there is also a growing need in many facilities for high volumes of hot water delivered to multiple outlets. It is more important than ever that Building Services Engineers, Contractors and End Users have a wide range of options available that can marry the competing demands of increased comfort and lower energy costs.”