Project: Amicus AquaStore at the Heart of International Airport Decarbonisation Drive

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For many years, this busy International Airport has opted for our gas-fired condensing water heaters. There has been a Lochinvar appliance for hot water supply here for years. Over the last decade, an EcoSword system has been in place, preceded by an EcoCharger. Both systems are gas-fired condensing water heaters with efficiencies up to 109%.


Choosing Lochinvar was straight forward. However, with evolving climate considerations and a greater emphasis on sustainability, the world is in the midst of an energy transition. This airport is actively working towards becoming a future-proof, gas-free site.


Amicus AquaStore – The UK’s most Powerful Heat Pump Water Heater


As part of these efforts, the airport opted for electrification when upgrading its hot water system. Given the presence of 36,328 solar panels adjacent to the runway, this was a logical choice. The decision was further validated by selecting our multi-award winning, Amicus AquaStore, The UK’s most powerful heat pump water heater. With a COP of 3.2, it uses approximately three times less electricity than a traditional electric water heater as a result of its hybrid technology.


The heat pump water heater also offered additional advantages. Previously, the location of gas-fired water heater was influenced by flue gas discharge requirements. The arrival and departure building at this site spans approximately 200 meters, with a basement housing a service corridor of the same length, where all facility connections are found. The gas-fired water heaters were located on one side of the corridor, leading to a lengthy pipe network and significant circulation losses. The AquaStore, which does not require flue gas discharge, could be centrally placed in the corridor, thereby reducing these losses.


Additionally, the cold air emitted by the AquaStore is effectively utilised. The service corridor beneath the building contains ‘outdoor units’ for air conditioning the shops and dining areas in the departure hall, alongside other heat-producing facilities. The AquaStore uses a substantial amount of warm air to produce hot water, which simultaneously cools the service corridor to a more comfortable temperature.


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