Abbotsford House

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  • Multi-million pound restoration programme at Abbotsford; the former home of famed Scottish writer and poet, Sir Walter Scott.
  • Heating and hot water was required in the restoration of the main house and the brand new visitors centre.

Abbotsford, near Melrose in the Scottish Borders, was designed and developed by Scott, one of the foremost literary figures of the 19th Century. He wrote some of his most famous works at the house which has recently undergone a programme of major refurbishment in advance of its reopening to the public.

Among Scott’s works is the epic poem Marmion, which, coincidentally, tells the story of ‘young Lochinvar’ making the use of products bearing that name even more appropriate!

Consulting engineers, Harley Haddow, were commissioned to design the mechanical and electrical aspects of the refurbishment.

“A key requirement was energy efficiency,” said Ben Laing, mechanical project engineer at Harley Haddow. “Lochinvar’s products are renowned for their excellent performance and its wall hung, gas-fired CPM condensing boilers were ideal for meeting the constraints of the existing plant room conditions.”

“Critically, the low flue gas temperature of the CPM meant we could extend the boiler flues to make use of the existing chimneys and so avoid any unsightly external elements.”

“We have worked with Lochinvar many times in the past and knew that we could rely on their excellent technical knowledge and swift problem solving response should we encounter any of the installation difficulties you often encounter in buildings of this age,” added Mr Laing. “Happily, everything went smoothly and the boilers are set to provide comfortable heating for Abbotsford’s staff and visitors.”

The Lochinvar range of CPM fully condensing gas-fired stainless steel wall hung boilers is available in six models with heat outputs ranging form 58 tot 175kW based on a 50°C / 30°C system design. CPM has low NOx emissions, and can achieve efficiencies up to 97% gross CV.

These features, combined with flue gas temperatures as low as 50°C, all contribute to helping reduce energy use and corbon emissions.

A Lochinvar EcoKnight™ water heater has also been installed in Abbotsford’s new visitor centre to provide energy efficient hot water for the building. The EcoKnight™ range of fully condensing gas-fired water heaters is available in eight models with hot water outputs ranging from 709 to 3,819 litres of hot water per hour based upon a temperature rise of 50°C. These water heaters have fully modulating burners, low NOx emissions and will achieve thermal efficiency of up to 97.8% gross CV.

And so, with the spirit of Sir Walter Scott pervading Abbotsford, Lochinvar will help keep a new generation of his admirers in comfort.

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Abbotsford House

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