New: Charger Low NOx large commercial water heater

With the Charger Low NOx we expand our range of Low NOx atmospheric gas water heaters, with 3 large commercial water models. Our complete Low NOx range has been designed to provide the most practical, cost-effective solution for replacement of existing water heaters.

Our Low NOx Charger range is the only series of atmospheric gas water heaters available in the UK market with an output up to 90kW! They also meet strict ErP legislative requirements for NOx emissions.

These products are designed specifically for replacement water heater requirements, especially where it is impractical to replace with condensing water heaters. The existing commercial building stock includes many of these types of water heaters and thanks to multiple draught hood options, the new Low NOx range can be installed on many existing flue systems, and they can also replace water heaters of competitive brands.

  • Charger Low NOx water heaters have comparable hot water recovery rates, storage capacities and similar dimensions to previous models, making replacement easy.
  • They meet the strict ErP requirements for NOx emissions introduced in September 2018 and are well below the permitted level of 56mg/kWh.
  • A choice of draught diverter options provide further flexibility, and this range of water heaters can be used to replace any competitive brand.
  • Products are available from stock!

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