Lochinvar upgrades CPM boiler range

Boiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has upgraded its popular CPM range of fully condensing, gas-fired, stainless steel, wall hung boilers in line with the requirements of the newly enforced European Eco-design of Energy Related Products Directive (ErP). Lot 11 requires that integrated glandless circulating pumps have a maximum Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) of no more than 0.23.

The CPM range offers low NOx, high efficiency operation for a wide variety of commercial heating applications using either natural gas or LPG. The revamped boilers all contain an ‘A’ rated integral fully modulating pump, in line with the Directive, which also requires contractors and system engineers to calculate the overall efficiency of heating and hot water systems.

Full product details, including energy labels, product data tables and fiches, are available at www.lochinvar.ltd.uk to support the use of CPM boilers in ErP compliant systems.

There are six models in the range offering outputs between 58 and 175 kW with operating efficiencies of 95.2% gross CV. Standard features include a cascade control system with the ability to manage up to 12 boilers in sequence for larger projects.

Most commercial condensing boilers on the market can operate with efficiencies in the mid to high nineties, but the key to converting test house performance into real, operating efficiencies lies with system design and control. CPM boilers can be connected to a Building Energy Management (BEMS) system, but also have the additional benefit of a number of integral control features and options.  This is particularly useful for properties without BEMS and also on major refurbishment projects where the cost of upgrading the existing control system could be prohibitive.

All CPM models incorporate an on- board open-therm connection, which allows the boiler to manage up to 16 separate heating zones when optional EBC controllers are used. Advanced time and temperature settings are also available along with weather compensation control that ensures the boilers operate in condensing mode for as long as possible.

Domestic hot water control is also available via the CPM including a legionella pasteurisation programme, which is particularly useful when used in conjunction with hot water calorifiers and packaged plate heat exchangers.