Lochinvar opens multi-purpose training facility

Boiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has opened a multi-purpose training facility at its UK headquarters in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

It has been designed to host pre and post-sales training for contractors, specifiers and end users so broadening technical knowledge and product awareness across the commercial building services market.

The facility boasts seven different Lochinvar products connected to gas and water supplies for hands-on demonstration, training and familiarisation. Installation and maintenance training courses for contractors have been tailored for specific products and to suit experience levels.

The training facility allows specifiers and installers to experience the full breadth of the Lochinvar range and the flexibility of choices available to them.  It is an opportunity to see different features in operation and to have the installation requirements clearly explained.

“Seeing the equipment operating and in situ provides a much better appreciation of the features available than reading about them in a catalogue or online,” said managing director David Pepper. “It makes product selection and design decisions far easier. As a result, the investment we have made in developing this facility is already delivering a return.”

Controls are an increasingly important part of any product specification and Lochinvar’s range of condensing CPM and Ecoknight boilers have integral controls as standard features. The facility has wall-mounted screens that allow the training staff to demonstrate commissioning issues like setting parameters and cascade controls; and how to monitor the ongoing running of the system.

The company’s new EcoCharger Hybrid water heater is also on display and visitors can see how this product manages renewable and gas-fired heat sources from one compact unit. Trainers can demonstrate how the product’s ‘Heatpak’ option allows this innovative water heater to also provide up to 40Kw of space heating.