Four-way boost for packaged plate heat exchangers

Commercial heating equipment manufacturer Lochinvar has launched a range of packaged plate heat exchangers (PHE).

The LOK range comprises 11 sizes, offering hot water outputs from 872 to 9,544 l/h at 50degC temperature rise and each model is available with either single or twin primary LTHW pumps.

A key feature of the range is the enhanced four-port valve, which speeds up delivery of the hot water and improves system efficiency. When the system is up to temperature and hot water demand is satisfied, the valve will close allowing both the primary pump and the PHE pump to continue cycling. As soon as there is demand for hot water, the four-port valve opens and provides hot water instantly; there is no need to wait for the water to be reheated and recirculated to the PHE.

This is particularly useful on systems with intermittent high demand, which is the case in many commercial buildings. With standard three-port valves, extra components are needed on the LTHW circuit to maintain the same speed of delivery and avoid the creation of a ‘dead leg’.

The Lochinvar PHE range is built from 316L individual stainless steel plates. The LOK is 98% thermally efficient and can be used with the company’s buffer vessels. Standard stock vessels range from 300 to 1155 litres capacity. Larger capacities are also available ‘made to order’ .

The LOK range offers a compact solution for a wide variety of water heating requirements and products can be supplied BMS enabled and set up for internal pasteurisation to guard against the build up of legionella bacteria. Insulation jackets are also available.