EcoSword, new high-efficiency water heater

The growing market for energy-efficient heating and hot water solutions has prompted Lochinvar to extend its condensing range with a range aimed at small to medium-sized applications. We are proud to launch our new EcoSword range of gas-fired condensing water heaters, which enable us to provide an even wider choice to our customers.

Our current condensing water heater products including the EcoCharger and EcoShield ranges, are particularly suitable for medium to large hot water demand requirements; the newly launched EcoSword is the perfect high-efficiency solution for smaller applications including residential properties and commercial buildings such as B&Bs, Café’s and Restaurants and Hairdressing salons.

There are 9 models in the EcoSword range with storage capacities ranging from 163 to 388 litres and offering hot water recovery rates from 210 to 540 litres per hour based upon a temperature rise of 50°C. All models hold WRAS certification.
Designed around the principle of low hot water storage but fast recovery, EcoSword water heaters will operate at efficiencies of up to 98,2%, and can save on energy consumption when replacing traditional hot water systems. All 9 models are within the scope of the ErP Energy Label directive, and every model is A-rated.
With low NOx emissions of just 37mg per KWh, EcoSword is also particularly suitable for projects subject to BREEAM assessment, and qualify for the maximum 3 points.
The storage vessels are constructed from enamelled steel and include a non-sacrificial secondary protection system as standard. The ‘cold-zone’ design ensures that the units operate at maximum efficiency for as long as possible, and also minimises the harmful effects of hard water.

EcoSword Water Heaters are also designed with the service engineer in mind, as all components are accessible from the front of the unit.

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