Changes to energy labels

Energy labels
The most recent change to the EcoDesign LOT 2 regulations came into effect on 26 September 2017. As of that date all energy labels have been updated according to the EU Energy Labelling Directive.

The most important change is to be found in the energy scale, with the category A+ now added to the labels for direct-fired water heaters, indirect-fired water heaters and storage vessels. The year reference 2015 has also been replaced with 2017.

Energy Ratings
Requirements for indirect fired water heaters and storage vessels were changed for products with storage capacities of up to 2,000 litres being required to comply with new maximum standing loss figures.

We have increased the insulation on our products, and can confirm that all such products are fully compliant with the regulation. Increased insulation has also been applied to our products which were not affected by the new regulation ie those with more than 2000 litres capacity.

All product data and specification details are available in our product literature.