5 Benefits of a gas condensing water heater

With a large range of gas condensing water heaters, Lochinvar can provide you a solution for almost every situation. Our range includes storage, instantaneous and circulating types; most of our products are floor-standing but we also have wall-hung models. Lochinvar gas-fired water heaters have been helping end user customers to save on energy consumption and carbon emissions for over 40 years.

Why would you choose for a gas condensing water heater?

5 key benefits of a direct gas condensing water heater:

  • High operating efficiencies of up to 98% gross
  • Lower fuel consumption and running costs
  • Fast recovery hot water
  • Low NOx emissions
  • ‘Future proof’, comply with newest ErP regulations

What types of gas condensing water heaters are available from Lochinvar?

Storage-type – Floor-standing

A storage-type water heater includes its own burner, controls and storage vessels, and has been the most popular product for a wide range of commercial applications for many years.

The EcoCharger is a range of 7 models varying with storage capacities from 220 to 488 litres.

This water heater has a stainless steel heat exchanger providing superior resistance to corrosion.

Reaches efficiencies of up to 98.2% gross.

Circulating-type– Floor-standing

Circulating type water heaters should be installed with a separate storage vessel, as the water heater itself contains little storage. With this type of design it is possible to achieve higher hot water outputs and these products have been particularly popular in medium to large sized commercial projects as well as for Industrial process.

With 8 models, this water heater can reach recovery rates from 709 to 3818 litres per hour.

With 2 models, this water heater can reach recovery rates from of 7188 and 9912 litres per hour.

Circulating-type – Wall-hung

Provides all the same benefits as floor-standing circulating type water heaters, but where plant room space is restricted the ability to mount on the wall provides a flexible solution.

The EcoForce is a range of 8 models and has a heat exchanger made out of 316L stainless steel.

Instantaneous type – Wall-hung

Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water upon demand, without any storage. These wall-hung products are particularly suitable for private residential and small commercial projects

This water heater has instantaneous hot water flow rates from 7.7 to 17.5 litres per minute.

Our SELECT program is specifically designed for high-efficiency direct gas-fired water heaters and can help you to choose the most suitable water heater for each application

You can download a copy here or contact our Area Sales Manager who will be happy to arrange a demonstration for you

As you will see we have a very wide range, and this enables us to help you select the most appropriate gas water heater type and product for each individual application. If you want to have more information on these water heaters, please click their name in this news item.