System design and installation are crucially important factors, in order to get the best performance from a heat pump installation. This can often mean a combination of different heat pump types or integration with other methods of providing heating and hot water services.

Amicus HT
Amicus LT
Amicus Booster

Our experience in the UK commercial heat pump market dates back to 2008 since when we have supplied various low carbon packages for a wide range of applications.

Low carbon packages

We can provide packages including the following:

  • High temperature air source heat pumps
  • Low temperature air source heat pumps
  • Water source heat pumps
  • Thermal stores
  • Electric water heaters
  • Solar thermal
  • Gas absorption heat pumps
  • Direct gas-fired water heaters
  • Gas-fired condensing boilers

Our sales team can provide detailed proposals tailored to each individual project, and our after-sales support extends to inclusive pre-installation visits for every heat pump project. We also provide commissioning and annual service contracts.

For help with any current or future projects please contact your local Area Sales Manager or contact us on 01295 269981 and ask for internal sales