There are many benefits in commissioning new installations of commercial and industrial heating equipment. It can identify any problems at the earliest possible stage, which will in turn prevent disruption to heating/hot water supply and save or reduce the cost of any corrective action.

Commissioning will also test installations for safety; preventing issues such as potential gas escape or CO poisoning, so will help businesses to comply with the legal obligations of keeping building occupants and visitors safe.

The cost of commissioning varies depending upon product type; for details please contact us.

Routine Maintenance & Repairs

Our Service technicians are happy to do maintenance or repair visits for end users, or alternatively we can provide support to your own Gas Safe registered contractor, by providing maintenance instructions and service kits.

Periodic servicing is of importance for many reasons and details of the required servicing frequency is available in the Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance manual.

Regular servicing of commercial heating and hot water equipment is important, many reasons, including the following:

  • Safety – potential issues can be identified
  • Efficiency – helps to maintain efficiency throughout the life of the product(s)
  • Reliability – servicing helps to reduce component faults, disruption to heating/hot water supply and prolongs product life
  • Warranty – most manufacturer warranties require a regular maintenance regime
  • Audit trail – maintenance work undertaken by Lochinvar Ltd is followed up with a detailed service report 

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