Lochinvar and HCP Consultancy excel for Rotherham schools

Key equipment supplied

20 x EcoKnight gas-fired condensing water heaters
10 x SST stainless steel storage vessels
2 x EcoSable stainless steel condensing water heaters

Project details

Replacement of ageing water heaters with high efficiency stainless steel water heaters eight schools in Rotherham, South Yorkshire


Boiler, water heater and heat pump company Lochinvar has provided 20 condensing gas-fired water heaters as part of a major upgrade of plant rooms at eight schools in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The manufacturer, which has been providing hot water solutions for educational buildings for more than 40 years, formed a strategic partnership with HCP Consultancy. The brief was to upgrade services to improve performance, cut running costs and reduce the environmental impact of the vital heating and hot water systems in a total of 10 plant rooms.

One option was simply to replace existing atmospheric water heaters with like-for-like models. However, HCP Consultancy opted for Lochinvar’s high efficiency, condensing technology because it reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions while also providing improved reliability and longevity.

HCP’s strategic asset management (SAM) team used lifecycle asset data and technical knowledge to create a best value model and decided a strategic partnership with Lochinvar, FM provider Engie and the installation company Staffordshire Plumbing and Heating (SPH) would deliver the best outcome.

“The water heaters on the Rotherham Schools PFI project were at the end of their serviceable life,” said HCP’s Dan Earnshaw.  “At the heart of the replacement strategy was the need to install equipment that would provide longevity and reliability.

“For these reasons we collaborated with Lochinvar, Engie and SPH to prepare and deliver the strategy on behalf of our investor client, while also providing considerable energy cost savings for the end user.”

The models chosen from Lochinvar’s EcoKnight range have efficiencies ranging from 93 to 95%, which also comfortably meets current regulations. The schools now expect to achieve savings in energy consumption and carbon emissions of around 15%.

As circulating-type water heaters, EcoKnight products are designed for installation with separate storage vessels and most of the plant rooms now feature two water heaters alongside two SST stainless steel storage vessels.

High-quality stainless steel is prominent in the construction of the EcoKnight range. All models feature a grade 316l stainless steel heat exchanger and the SST storage vessels are also constructed from this reliable material. Standard warranty periods are five years on the EcoKnight heat exchanger and 10 years on the SST storage vessel, reflecting the quality of the material and products.

EcoKnight water heaters can provide hot water outputs ranging from 709 to 3,819 litres per hour, based on a temperature rise of 50ºC. They are compact and designed for ease of handling and positioning. SST storage vessels are specifically designed for use with circulating water heaters and are available in four models with storage capacities ranging from 300 to 1,000 litres.

Lochinvar service technicians commissioned the water heaters and related components after they had been installed by family run SPH, based in Stoke-on-Trent, which has 20 years’ experience in providing a range of domestic and commercial heating and plumbing installations.

Engie, which manages the sites on behalf of HCP Consultancy and the schools, will provide ongoing maintenance.


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