Project: Ultra Low GWP, R290 Heat Pump Amicus Altus Powers Metal Components Facility

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This metal components facility has been delivering high-quality components for a wide range of applications since being founded in 1983. Production has long been built around sustainability, both for environmental reasons and long-term cost savings. When the heating system of the office and one of the two factory halls needed replacement, our project team spoke with the owners to look at a solution.

We recommended the Ultra Low GWP, R290 Heat Pump Amicus Altus. With a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 3, it’s great news for the climate. More importantly, this refrigerant allows the heat pump to reach a supply temperature of 70°C, meaning the facility can continue using their current emission system, significantly reducing costs. Additionally, solar panels will be installed on the company building’s roof, contributing to the electricity supply for the Amicus Altus.


Installing a heat pump with propane as the refrigerant requires a thorough approach. Propane is highly flammable, necessitating multiple safety margins within the heat pump. In the event of an internal leak in the plate exchanger, propane could potentially enter the building via the connected heating system pipes. To address this, we added a degasser as an extra component in the heating supply line. This degasser can safely vent any propane released in the event of an internal leak, preventing unsafe conditions within the building.

For this project, we designed a control cabinet to make the installation easy for the customer to operate and achieve optimal energy efficiency. The PLC can be read remotely, allowing us to monitor the system’s performance and intervene if adjustments are needed. (installation diagram displayed).


As with most heat pump installations, a backup system is included in the form of a water heater. The efficiency of an air/water heat pump depends on the ambient temperature, so a gas-fired backup system is often an excellent choice to ensure business operations continue uninterrupted during extreme cold weather. This is crucial for reliability. However, we expect minimal use of the backup system.


Lochinvar are an accredited CIBSE CPD provider offering live online webinars covering both heat pump/ renewable technologies as well as traditional gas-fired products. Sign up here.

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