NEW PRODUCT: EFB ultra low NOx gas-fired condensing boilers

With 4 models to choose from, EFB wall hung, gas-fired condensing boilers are available in outputs ranging from 85 to 151kW; based upon a system design of 50/30°C. Operating at seasonal efficiencies of up to 96% (Gross CV), all models feature a pre-mixed burner, which will modulate down to 20% of output and accurately matches heat output to demand. This ensures that optimum efficiency is maintained even in part load demand periods.

EFB boilers can be either wall or frame mounted and at only 440mm wide and 539mm deep, provide a compact, space-saving solution for commercial, industrial and large residential buildings.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

At the heart of the EFB boiler is a high quality heat exchanger made from grade 316l stainless steel; a material, which provides high levels of resistance to corrosion. The heat exchanger can operate at working pressures of up to 6 bar and peace of mind is provided with our 5 + 5 year heat exchanger warranty (see Warranty T&C’s for details).

Ultra low NOx emissions

Air quality has become an ever-increasing challenge for society in recent years and legislative changes mean that maximum permitted levels of NOx emissions from gas-fired boilers are now lower than ever. Sustainable projects in the UK are often subject to BREEAM assessment and the 2018 New Construction Technical Manual SD5068 for non-domestic buildings tightened up considerably on permitted levels of NOx emissions. Not only does the EFB range comply, with NOx emissions lower than 24mg/kWh across the range, they qualify for the maximum 2 BREEAM credits.

Integral controls for efficient operation

System design and control are both vitally important aspects of achieving operating efficiencies for which most modern gas-fired boilers are capable; the integral controls within the EFB range provides a cost effective solution, with or without the requirement for BMS.

Key features of the integral EFB controls include:

  • Cascade control – up to 16 boilers in one cascade
  • On/off 0-10v fault and run signalling
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Modulating pump control
  • Remote enable

Cascade Multi-boiler installations

This type of installation has become commonplace for many commercial applications, where multi boiler installations are popular. Cascade systems like this provide many end user benefits, where the integral controls ensure that boilers modulate according to system demand, providing the highest levels of system efficiency. They also provide stand-by in the event of individual boiler lockout. EFB is capable of installation in up to 16-boiler cascade systems. Each boiler incorporates a non-return valve within the combustion system preventing the recirculation of flue gas on a multiple installation. This also means that installation can be completed using either negative or positive pressure flue systems.

Boiler Frame and Pipework Manifold Ancillary Option

This type of boiler is often installed in multiples and in modular arrangements and we have a full range of Frame and Pipework assemblies available from 2-boiler to 6-boiler installations. These ancillary items include:

  • Mounting frame
  • Flow/return and gas manifold pipework
  • Inter-connecting pipework to each boiler
  • Low velocity header
  • Optional: Matched modulating boiler pump

Modular boiler installations can help to reduce installation time, and a key feature of EFB mounting frame assemblies is that the total frame height is less than 1.8m. This can provide key assistance with installation and maintenance especially in plant rooms with restricted height.

More information including technical specs and dimensions can be found on the productpage.