Lochinvar extends EcoCharger range

Boiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has added to its extensive range of gas-fired water heaters following the launch of its latest model.

EcoCharger is a range of seven gas-fired condensing water heaters with integral storage capacities from 220 to 488 litres. Hot water recovery rates range from 540 to 2,100 litres per hour at a 50degC temperature rise.

The EcoCharger addition extends the choice of condensing water heaters to 30 separate models from six product ranges, providing further flexibility of choice to heating and hot water system designers.

Standard features of the EcoCharger range include a fully modulating pre-mix burner. They also offer multiple flue options – balanced and conventional. This installation flexibility makes these water heaters ideal for replacement projects. They are also suitable for unvented mains feed or boosted hot water systems and are available for use with natural gas or LPG.

The ‘HeatPak’ option allows the EcoCharger to also supply up to 40kW space heating requirement, making this range attractive for applications, such as sports changing facilities, where the hot water demand is greater than the space heating requirement.

A BMS interface option can also provide users with extensive performance data; allowing building owners to analyse operation much more closely and control the water heater to achieve optimum efficiencies and conserve fuel consumption.

“Lochinvar probably offers the most extensive and flexible range of gas-fired water heating options in the UK,” said Lochinvar managing director David Pepper.  “Consulting engineers and contractors tell us that end users are becoming increasingly demanding – in terms of energy saving, siting, control and reliability – so it is more important than ever to be able to provide them with the widest possible choice.

“EcoCharger enhances our range and fills in some important gaps.”